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Architectural review committee 

Common projects that require approval 

exterior painting

All exterior painting requires approval from the ARC.  This is to insure that all paint color choices adhere to the community covenants and that neighboring properties are not painted in identical colors. All that is needed for approval is a completed PIR and a color sample. 

home improvements

Installing additions and updates to your home is a great way to maintain and increase property values. The following common projects require ARC approval: windows, patio additions, basketball hoops, and roof replacements.  Just fill out a PIR and submit any required plans (such as blueprints).  

landscape design

Changes to your landscaping can give your property a fresh and inviting look.  While the addition of river stone, mulch and flowers do not require ARC approval, other projects such as tree removal, drainage improvements, paver installation and fencing do. Be sure to fill out a PIR and submit any necessary documentation for your upcoming landscape improvements. 

* Please note that some projects may require additional information, documentation, an onsite visit, and fee to cover the costs of the ARC architect. 

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